Whether they are small steps or big leaps, we celebrate every achievement made by the children we support.  

We hope the stories of our clients will help you to find out more about how ABA can impact the lives of the children, families and schools.

*The name of the child has been changed to maintain confidentiality 



Type of programme: Short Term Intervention, Parent & Child Interaction Programme

Child's age: 12

No. of session hours per week: approximately 2 hours 20 mins- 20 mins a day, 5-7 days a week

Duration of intervention: 8 sessions over 3 months



Type of programme: Long term intervention, Part Time Programme transitioned into Full Time Programme

Child's age: 3-6

No. of session hours per week: 15 hours initially, currently 32.5 hours

Duration of intervention: 3 years


Social Stars

Type of programme: Short term intervention programme, Social Stars

Children's age: 6-7

No. of Children: 3

No. of session hours per week: x1 one hour session

Duration of intervention: 8 weeks



Type of programme: Short term intervention, Parent and Child Interaction Programme 

Child's age: 4-5

No. of session hours per week: x 3 20-mins sessions

Duration of intervention: 7 weeks



Type of programme: Long term intervention, part time therapy

Child's age: 9

No. of session hours per week: 9

Duration of intervention: 1 year