Jennifer’s Story

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Jennifer was mostly a happy child before she started the Parent and Child Interaction Programme, but she did not have any words for communication, mostly helping her self to items or taking mum's hand to the cupboard/ place where the item she wanted were. She was motivated to be with her parents and siblings, but she may not look at them when interacting, leaving mum and dad feeling disengaged.

During the 7 weeks of intervention, both parents took advice from the consultant on how to engineer chances for Jennifer to talk and increase her eye-contact. All these learning took place while Jennifer was playing with her favourite activities - playdoh and puzzles! As a result, there were more fun time mum and dad got to spend with Jennifer, and her little sister had a share of the fun time too.

Just before the final session, Jennifer celebrated her fifth birthday with grandparents, aunties and uncles. She was confident in talking to them when prompted by mum, and was comfortable being with a lot of people.

By the end of the intervention, Jennifer was able to say six different words independently, asking for different colour playdoh. She went from not being able to say a word in an activity, grabbing items she wanted, to a little chatter box who spoke 35 words in 10 minutes!

The biggest achievement the family made was that mum and dad taught Jennifer to make requests in two words. Well done!

What are Jennifer’s parents saying about ABA?

As parents, we know our child and her abilities; but we find that her diagnosis was preventing other professionals to see what she could be able to achieve. We didn’t have the knowledge and/or tools and would feel very helpless but as we started working with ABA, we learned new technics to help our child develop and show her potential, we saw drastic results in the 1st two weeks of implementing the technics and Danthy really empowered us with the confidence we needed to carry on working with our child. All these exercises never even felt like work.