Peter’s Story

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Peter turned 9 shortly after starting his ABA programme. When we first met Peter, he used PECS to communicate and could only ask for about 10 items, most of them food. He was using physical communication for activities or to tell parents what he doesn't want. Most of Peter's leisure time was spent watching TV or watching videos on the iPad. He was unable to follow instructions such as to sit at the table, and his parents rarely went out to restaurants with Peter, because they worried that he wouldn’t be able to sit still during the meal.

After about 100 hours of sessions, Peter began to follow instructions to sit at the table, play with a variety of toys independently and used PECS more frequently to ask for toys, activities and going to places he likes.

One year after starting the programme, the parents are now able to take Peter to restaurants frequently, and even attended his sister's wedding! Peter is also spending some of his leisure time playing with toys, and playing games on the iPad. He is now using Proloquo 2 to go on the iPad to communicate, beginning to use subject-verb sentences such as “Danielle get up”.

Peter continues to receive ABA therapy and his parents have now decided to increase the therapy hours to 12 per week.

What are Peter’s parents saying about ABA?

  1. We were happy to see that our son was responding to ABA therapy and were quite surprised about all the discerning thinking going on inside his head. ABA therapy is gently and methodically bringing the person inside to the surface.

  2. With better and more effective communication skills, we are seeing a less frustrated, more confident and happy child. We love taking him out with us and he seems to take so many unexpected things in his stride. Each outing is like a mini adventure.

  3. As a family we feel so much more hope for our son's future. It really has been a wonderful year for us. It can take time and all children are different, however, it is worth persevering. We have decided to continue his ABA therapy and increase his weekly hours from 9 to 12.

Last but not least, all these were possible because of the three fantastic tutors Peter has and the hard work of the parents as well! Keep up the good work!