Harry’s Story

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Harry was a three year old child diagnosed with ASD when his parents contacted Consultant Naomi Hantschar. They were concerned that he was not communication, did not follow instructions, could not identify objects and was not toilet trained. They reported that he would spend the majority of his time repeatedly doing puzzles, when this was interrupted, be would get very distressed. They requested initially a part time ABA programme as they wanted their child to learn skills.

          Harry is now 6 years old and successfully attends mainstream school, supported by his team of ABA tutors. Since beginning his ABA programme, he can now communicate his wants and needs effectively. He can write up to 100 words, identify 100 nouns, verbs and adjectives, as well as following multiple step instructions. He is also able to tolerate his puzzles getting disturbed, however he is not keen on doing puzzles any more, as he has learnt lots of different play skills, including role play and playground games involving his peers. He is successfully being educated in mainstream school and is able to follow the school routine, sit and listen to the teacher during carpet time. He shows no negative behaviours in school or outside of school.

What are the people around Harry saying about ABA?

"Harry has made massive improvements, greater than what we have ever expected. We do not think this would have happened with traditional methods of education. Sine the start of ABA we have see lots of good progress, in particularly he has significantly less anxiety, he is able to write and currently learning to read. He is also able to maintain his attention for significant amounts of time and is interested in a wider range of things. His attention is no longer all consuming when doing an activity such as puzzles, and he is now able to withdraw from different activities much more consistently."

"I feel that ABA is vital for Harry to continue making progress."

-Harry's parents

"We are very happy with the progress Harry has made. his ABA programme along with his Speech and Language targets is working very well. Harry is a happy, contented child who is working hard. He is a pleasure to have in our school and everyone across the school delights in the progress he is making."

-Harry's school

"I am pleased with the way ABA and speech and language therapy has been able to integrate well. Harry has made significant progress"

-Harry's Speech & Language Therapist