PEAK Level 1 Training

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We are very excited to attend the PEAK level 1 training on Friday and Saturday. Here is a little summary of what we have learned:


What is PEAK?

It is an assessment as well as skill based programme. There are four modules based on derive relations: direct teaching, generalisation, equivalence and transformation. 


Derive relations is an ABA principle unique in humans. If you teach a relation between two stimuli, a new relation between them can be derived without any training. 


For example: you teach the fact that lemon tastes sour, and teach how to read the word "sour". Then when asking a learner to match the word "sour" with various pictures of fruits, the learner will choose the picture of a lemon, even though they have never been taught to match the word "sour" with the picture of a lemon. 


Who is it suitable for?

It is suitable from learners in the beginners ABA curriculum all the way to those who are older or in the advanced curriculum. Both verbal and learners using PECS or sign language can access the curriculum. 

Is there any evidence behind it?

Yes. Research found that it improves cognition skills in typically developing children as well as children with special needs, when they work on all four PEAK modules for as little as 4 hours a week. 


What is the difference between PEAK and VBMAPP/ ABLLS?

There are definitely a lot of overlap in the skills in all three assessments, but PEAK offers to teach skills in the follow areas that are not found in the other two assessments: 

1) derive relations, which greatly reduces instruction time because novel skill emerges without direct training; 

2) multi-sensory learning, which covers visual, touch (tactile) and smell (olfactory) senses; 

3) making links to different events in the environment through derive relations- the learner would be able to internalise related information and answer a variety of questions around a topic, e.g. If you are biting into a lemon, how would it taste like?  I love lemons, if you were me, would you prefer lemon drizzle cake or walnut cake? Which cake would I spend more money on?


If you are excited to find out more about PEAK, please follow this link:  

Sian Vermaut